So you want to be an archivist, eh?

Ok, maybe you don’t want to be an archivist (or you already are).  Honestly, I’m only writing this blog for 3 people: me, my Public History professor, and the archivist I work for.  I’m writing this to journal what I’ve done and need to do for a ginormous donor outreach project I thought was a great idea last semester. 😉

What has been done:

    • Created a working bibliography for reference:
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      • University of Pittsburgh. Student Organization Records Toolkit (SORT) @ Pitt Archives. December 5, 2015.
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    • Over Winter Break, created a display in Bailey Library’s lobby as a soft launch to the campaign.

  • Developed outline for speech and accompanying PowerPoint.
  • Held several planning meetings with University Archivist.
  • On January 31, 2017, accompanied University Archivist to Spring Organization fair at the Smith Center and spoke to many representatives about the Archives and donation.
  • February 21, 2017: Met with the Program Coordinator for Greek Life and Student Organizations at CSIL.  CSIL offered to assist with advertising the promotion after I draft an email and flyer.
  • Determined preliminary date and location for presentation: April 4, 2017, Common Hour, at the Smith Student Center… probably one of the smaller meeting rooms on the 3rd floor.  Room side is dependent on number of confirmations received.
  • Created RSVP page to be found at Site will go live after Spring Break.

Still to do:

  • Draft advertisements for distribution to Organizations & academic honoraries, whose advisors are listed in the Academic Honors Convocation program.
  • Choose items to include within PowerPoint, and actually write it.
  • Create Proposal and & rubric for Public History professor so I can be properly graded on this project.

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