Welcome to Fountain Archivist.  It is not about fountains. If you came here looking for fountains or even Fountain, I am sorry to disappoint you.  The domain is a bit of a misdirect, as it’s derived from a translation of my last name.

This blog and page are an assignment for Dr. Aaron Cowan’s Digital History class.  The first post of the blog is to discuss what has been learned in the class thus far and a plan for this very thin slice of the Interwebs.  The class has been a very good review of the history of computing.  We also touched upon the various types of current digital history projects, such as New York Public Library’s Emigrant City and Cleveland State University’s Cleveland Historical.  I’ve been a fan of crowdsourcing since the late 1990s, but the increasing use of social media in digital history projects is a facet I hadn’t necessarily considered.  I haven’t really considered how I will use this space or even if I will maintain it past the end of the semester.  It would be nice to possibly use it as an alternate repository for my genealogical research.  I just may use it as a private storage area and backup.

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