This is more information on the poster I presented at MARAC Fall 2017.

My poster evolved out of a project I had completed during my time at Slippery Rock University as a History undergrad. In conjunction with my position at the University Archives and a Public History course, I researched, created, promoted, and gave a presentation to engage student organizations with the University Archives and also solicit inactive records for deposition within the archives. Photos and an extended bibliography are found below.

Presentation given to student organizations (PowerPoint)


Flier for Presentation
Flier for presentation, distributed physically and digitally to student organizations via email blast and social media accounts
Display within high traffic area of Bailey Library, Slippery Rock University.
Display within high traffic area of Bailey Library, Slippery Rock University, designed to be passive advertising for the University Archives
Poster as presented at MARAC Fall 2017 in Buffalo (also available at MARAC Digital Repository
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Additionally, the SRU Archives Collection Management Policy, records transfer guidelines, and Collection Overview were also consulted in this project.